Thursday, July 28, 2011


Only my three kids and two others today and it wasn't a K Readiness day so yesterday I asked what they would like to do.  Cornstarch and water is what I was told by one child and the rest all chimed in...Yes! Cornstarch and water!  So...we went outside early today due to mugginess and it also looking like it was going to rain and then we came in to play with goop.  They've been at it 45 minutes already.  Usually they'll last about an hour.  It IS amazing stuff!  For those of you who haven't tried it yet...when the goop is the "right" consistency it will be hard to touch and scoop.  You almost need to "cut" it. But when you have scooped up it drizzles.  Wet/dry-hard/soft.  And the best thing is that it's relatively easy to clean up.  Even if the child gets it on the carpet on accident, it vacuums.  It's sweeps up, it washes up...however you want to do it.  :-)  Here are some pics of my boys exploring with the goop.

Starting out...if possible let them explore with mixing the two materials-cornstarch and water.
Providing a few "tools" adds to the enjoyment.
I love this picture.  It was like..."How dare you interrupt me!"  Some children get very serious with their explorations so respect that!
Eventually they will use their hands.  Many of my "newbies" will hesitate to use their hands but after a few sessions with Ms. Amber, they realize that she believes there's a time and place for mess and with sensory exploration---the messier the better!  :-P
Then they asked if we could add color.  I suggest you use minimal coloring as it will dye hands/clothes if too dark.  One or two drops is usually plenty.

Suggestions for "Tools"
*  cups
* bowls
* spoons
* scoops (formula scoops, for example)
* small bottles like travel size shampoo-transparent is better
* around easter time you can get themed "eggs"...such as carrots or zoo animals.  They enjoyed the carrots today as it was transparent enough that they could see the goop moving around inside.
* medicine syringes (not eye droppers)
* craft sticks
* plastic scrapers (like Pampered Chef scrapers to scrape pans)
* small spatulas
* small pancake flippers or something similar

The dollar store is a great place to stock up on sensory "tools." 

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