Thursday, November 3, 2011

C is for....

C is for Caterpillar

Art:  Squish Art
They love this type of thing.  I've done it many different ways, margarine lid (started with a film canister glued on for the handle but it didn't stay on), baby food jars, etc.  Any container works.  They were using this slime bottle today and I decided to go ahead and use that for our squish art.  They thought that was cool.  Just plan on them watching the slime during their art explorations!  The paint did go down in the cracks where I couldn't get to it which is a bummer, it seemed pretty much sealed, obviously not as well as I thought.  Oh well.  I love the little "nancy bottles" (  It allows for the children to have a little more freedom with the paint without me having to worry about them "wasting" too much because the bigger bottles are harder to control.  And yes, they were given opportunity (and took that opportunity) to explore on their own instead of just creating a caterpillar.  :-D

Math:  Caterpillar Graphing
Letter of the Week
We actually are using quite a few of her curriculum support printables today.  I accidentally printed her graph (different theme than caterpillars) book 2 to a page the first time I used her printables.  The children loved it so I intentionally did it this time.  However, with the objects so small I provide a finger pointer so they are sure to count them correctly.  We used a stamp pad and a pencil eraser to make are spaces.

Fine Motor/Math:  Clip It Caterpillars
Letter of the Week
These are actually her floor numbers which I printed 4 to a cardstock sheet and laminated.  Then the children stated what the numeral was and added that many paperclips.  At then end we put them in numerical order.

Sensory/Math:  Size Sort
Letter of the Week
These are Erica's size sorting caterpillars.  I hid them inside a tub of colored rice.   They picked the out and sorted before exploring with the rice on their own.  A word about laminating.  I used to print everything on cardstock and then laminate.  However, one day I forgot to put cardstock in the printer and printed a bunch of stuff on normal weight paper.  What I found out that it usually works BETTER than cardstock for most activities.  Why?  Because the pieces are more flexible.  They are less likely to actually be bent out of proportion.  Now, most of my activities are printed on normal copy paper except for things like our "Clip It" activities where there needs to be a measure of firmness for the children to have success in putting the paperclips/clothespins on.

Fine Motor/Letter Reinforcement: C is for Caterpillar
Letter of the week
This is her C mat that can be used with magnets, pom poms, playdough, or whatever else you want to use them with.  :-P  I like pom poms and tweezers!

So there you have it...a bird's eye view of how our morning went.  Yesterday, I didn't have a voice so we had "Free Friday" yesterday and will do our planned activities from yesterday tomorrow.  Grateful for flexible children.  We pulled out the card table and big blankets, got pillows and blankets and flashlights and read books in the "cave".  :-D  Today I can croak enough to be understood, thank goodness, so back to the "grindstone".  LOL

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