Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A quick post about summer blogging....

Been awhile since I've done any blogging.  As some already know, there are changes for the next school year.   Instead of preschool/child care I'll be homeschooling preschool as well as early-upper elementary students.  My goal this summer was to go through my back files and post what I could of preschool activities but so far there has been minimal time as I've been trying to get my mind around homeschooling and curriculum for multiple children.  We had hoped to enroll in MVCA (Michigan Visual Charter Academy) but it doesn't look like that is going to happen.  Maybe for next year.  But in the mean time....busy busy busy trying to figure out just how I want to do this.  I will be keeping up this Preschool Learning blog come fall...as I'll have a 3 year old here.  Not really sure I'll have much time for it this summer.  But I do plan to start a school-age blog in the fall as well.  I find that blogging is a great way to document what's been going on.  I've gone back and looked at different themes/dates/activities multiple times since starting to blog...so it's been a great help personally.  And in the meantime, maybe another parent/teacher can find something useful also.  :-)

Have happy summer days!

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