Monday, October 15, 2012


This post is really more for me...blogging is a way for me to keep track of developmental milestones.

T.  is changing quite a bit again.  Vocabulary has become very large, starting to compare things by size, definitely interested in "school", pointing out letters and saying a few letter names, noticing numbers, counting orally, adding words when I pause in reading or singing, starting to yell words at his brothers instead of just plain yelling when he was mad (LOL), etc.  I only made the mistake once in not planning on him being with us for a morning group lesson.  :-)  He is always wanting to join us in whatever we do.  I'm not a big coloring sheet fan, but having something to do while they listen to a history lesson is always a plus and what we normally do afterwards is write/draw a narration on the back of the page.  We've only done a couple coloring sheets that were provided along with the lesson but it was definitely something the children enjoyed and so I'll allow it since the kiddos are older.  With preschoolers, I pretty much stayed away of such things.  So, I printed an extra sheet for T. for this lesson and I was suitably impressed...first because he was so serious in talking about his work and then proud...I definitely enjoyed his colorful page.  It is one of the first where he just didn't scribble with one color across the whole page.  Definitely a sign of cognitive developmental changes taking place.  :-) 

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