Friday, February 8, 2013

Shapes and Sensory!

Here's one of the activities that was a "favorite" for Mr. T. this past week.
This is "so him".  :-)  He picked through the shapes to find two of each kind to arrange them in this orderly fashion.  He almost had a heart attack when he couldn't find another yellow circle.  :-D  Had to help him out before he lost it.   Tee hee!  Oh my, I so wonder if this will carry through until adulthood.  This activity reinforced basic shape names but what I liked best was that it reinforces basic shape "drawing" twice.  1st he spread glue on the shape and glued them on the paper.  Then he squeezed glue around the shape to add his "snow sugar" as he called it.  It really was just a mixture of salt and glitter.  Later on he pointed to his paper and told me he really liked his snow sugar and wanted to do it again.  Wow!  He has come along way...this was an extremely messy activity for him (and was everywhere!) but he handled it well and only washed his hands at the end.  (Very quickly after he finished though..."I'm done, I going wash my hands."  LOL) 
Have  I mentioned that T. is not an easy "preschooler" to plan for?  He's very academically minded and prefers order.  I really do not have time to work with him 1:1 during "school hours" so his activities have to be pretty much independent.  He doesn't care for the sensory or the art projects.  Heaven help me!  :-)  He definitely prefers something to do with...
(Dollar store Winnie the Pooh flash cards.  Together we set the numbers out from 0-10.  Then he matched the honey pots to the correct number card.  Then together we went through the number word cards.  These are neat because when they are all matched correctly, when flipped over, there is a Winnie the Pooh scene corresponding with the number so he gets the counting reinforcement again.)
(Sandpaper letters-stick letters only, and an Othello game.)
Oh, he'll explore with sensory for...
5 minutes or so!  Usually takes longer to set it up.  :-D
Surprisingly enough, he dumped the rice into the pool on this occaision.  Typically he likes it contained in a tub with him sitting in a "clean" pool.  I remember my other kids and other preschool students playing in sensory for 30 minutes or more.  Just goes to remind us that every child is different.  :-)


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