Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Probability in Preschool

This was "on a whim" activity I put out for T. today, using our new 2 sided chips.  I had the chips out for the 1st grade math lesson but he's been ill so I put it on T.'s tray and tweaked the activity.  He absolutely loved it!  No, I didn't state anything about probability but doing this type of an activity multiple times would start to set the foundation. 
My goals for him were
* count 10 chips to place in cup
* organize chips on mat 
(I think learning how to organize materials to count is so important!)
* count one specific color 
* number recognition
He did awesome!  We'll be doing it again!
This was very unorganized, since it wasn't really planned.  Changes I would make...
Contrasting colored mat, bowls/containers for chips and numbers, mat separated into sections for him.  Wikki Stix would be perfect for this but of course, I couldn't find them right off so masking tape does the trick also.
One of the other tasks I set out for Mr. T. today was a set of cards he hadn't seen before.  They are part of the DUO card game, which we never play.  Various colors, numbers, and shapes.  I typically give him a sorting rule when I provide cards for him but this time I gave him the stack and asked him to make his own rule.  :-)  He did well!  We'll do it again asking him to make a different rule.

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