Thursday, February 24, 2011

Audio CD's

We enjoy music in our program.  Here are two of our favorite CD's.  This first one is one we've listened to practically every day these past two weeks.  Cars, Trucks, and Trains  by Jane Murphy.  Very energetic and informative with regards to transportation.  Our favorite is the first song on this CD called Freight Train.  Today we looked at pictures of different train cars (specifically the ones mentioned in the song) and we talked about what could be on or in each car and why.  This week we also created a color train booklet which worked out perfectly with this song!

Another favorite is Rhythms on Parade by Hap Palmer.  This is a great CD for following instructions as well as exploring with rhythm instruments.  Again, very upbeat.  We use it frequently.
I very seldom purchase any CD's without first listening to them.  I recommend you do that also.  Our local library system has a grand selection of music CD's and I can interlibrary loan them if they don't have the specific one I wish to listen to on their own shelves.  It's saves quite a few pennies.  Both of the above CD's can be purchased through

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  1. My children love Play n Learn and they have learned so much with Ms. Amber! I'm confident Luke will be ready for kg in the fall thanks to Ms. Amber's love and direction! Kenzie is following right behind and I'm confident she will also be ready in a year. Thnak you Ms. Amber for all your hard work, love and dedication!