Saturday, April 16, 2011

Today's project :-P

Fishy fishy in the brook... Daddy caught him with a hook.

Next week,we are starting the theme of fish.  It's always a favorite...easy to plan for and the kids love anything to do with fish.  Sharing our project for today (Saturday).  Thanks to my eldest, 8 yrs, it got done relatively quickly!

Found these fish printables (free to download) on Friday from
The display is a little more "cluttered" then I like but space is an issue here.  :-)  I put the letters out of order intentionally as we are getting to the end of the school year and a display like this makes it easy to do some informal letter recognition assessments.  Thanks to Aaron for painting the posterboard, adding sand, kelp and shells.  He did a lot more than that today...helping me get some activities ready for next week.  I love having an older child who is still young enough to love to help me!

A very simple number display up to twenty.  The boat portion has the number word.  This is again another find from  I love the bold colors that are used on all of their printables.  The background is simply plastic blue tablecloth.  Kids were thinking about wanting to add seagulls and a light house, but....I'm thinking it's going to stay plain.  Added pointer here as well,since I doubt the tablecloth is going to hold up well under a lot of touching...the pointer will encourage them to gently tap the boats.  :-)

Was going to use "under the sea" vocabulary cards but remembered that I had this bulletin board strip with color words.  I have a couple of children who really do not know all their basic colors so this will allow for informal color reinforcement as well as many literacy concepts.  My Kindergarten son will enjoy it also since they are doing color word spelling.  I'll mix up the letters for each word and they can put them back in order.  The bulletin board strips came from a dollar store...which is still a dollar store.  LOL  Dollar Days, I think.  Anyway, I very seldom use them for a bulletin board display but they make great little puzzles and kids can cut out the simple pictures easily since it's like the weight of cardstock.  So, we'll be using the fish pictures during a scissors and/art activity, depending on how things go this coming week.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

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