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Bugs: Butterflies III

Thought that a few of you might enjoy some of the other butterfly songs I've used in the past.  These are not my own original songs.  I've collected them over the years and most I do not know the authors of.  So, if you do know who the author is, please let me know so I can give credit where it belongs.  Thanks.

Butterfly Song:
I found a butterfly on me!
She started out in a very small way.
An egg smaller than my toe!
Next a caterpillar she would be.
In a chrysalis is where she'd lie.
That's how my butterfly came to be!

~ Jennifer Runkle
* I created index cards with a picture to represent each verse. For example) The first card would be A B C D E on it. The second card had a picture of a girl with a butterfly on her nose. Google images and you'll find many you can use for your own personal use. The children really enjoyed this "raplike" song. They got into it, definitely

Caterpillars and Butterflies
Let's go to sleep            (Wiggle fingers.)
The little caterpillars said.
So they curled up         (Cross fingers and
In a chrysalis bed.         close hands as if praying.)

They will awaken         (Open fingers slowly.)
By and by,
And each one will be  (Clasp thumbs and
A lovely butterfly!           wiggle fingers like wings.)
* Fingerplays are great fine motor activities.

Oh Butterfly!  © Christa Koch of Preschool Education .Com
Sung to: "Oh Christmas Tree"
Oh, butterfly, Oh, butterfly
How I love your colors.
Oh, butterfly, Oh, butterfly
How I love your colors.
You fly so high and beautiful,
Your so soft and gentle.
Oh, butterfly, Oh, butterfly,
How I love your colors.
*  I used this as a review for colors using one color butterflies for young children.  For older children I used this song to introduce various patterened butterflies.  I've used fictional clipart or real photography.  Great vocab boosters!

Color Butterflies
The first to come to the garden bed
Is a lovely butterfly of brilliant red.
Then in comes another and that makes two,
Fly right in, my friend of blue.
"The garden is fine, the best I've seen,"
Says the butterfly of springtime green.
Our garden needs a sunshiny fellow,
Fly in, butterfly with wings of yellow.
Little friend of purple, fly in too,
This garden is waiting for a color like you.
Orange, orange, you've waited so long,
Fly right in where you belong.
Butterflies, butterflies, you're such a sight,
Flying together-a springtime delight!
Susan M. Paprocki
*  This works well with a felt board and felt butterflies in solid colors.  If you don't have a felt board, add magnet to the backs of laminated butterflies and use on a magnetic surface.  And if you don't have magnets there is nothing wrong with just laying them on the floor in front of your child.  :-)


The Life Of A Butterfly 
Sung to: "Skip to My Lou"
I'm a caterpillar, wiggle with me,
I'm a caterpillar, wiggle with me,
I'm a caterpillar, wiggle with me,
What'll I be, my darlin'?

A chrysalis, now sleep like me.....
What'll I be, my darlin'?

A butterfly, come fly with me...
Come fly with me my darlin'.

Now all together, lets do all three.
A caterpillar, a chrysalis, a butterfly -- three.
Move your body like this with me.
The life of a butterfly, darlin'.
*  Sometimes we have the here is a theme related song to help with following verbal instructions AND the wiggles!

Caterpillar, warm and furry
You are always in a hurry
Munching, munching, munching leaves
Eating anytime you please.

Caterpillar, warm and furry
You are growing in a hurry
Curl up tight, snug and warm
You'll be safe from summer storm

Butterfly, butterfly,
Where do you roam?
Who's lucky garden do you call your own?

Butterfly, butterfly
Why won't you stay?
Why are you always,
Fluttering away?
*  A poem like this  make for great conversation starters.  I also used it to lead into comparing the differences between caterpillars and butterflies.

I've wished for wings, but I don't know
Just how a kid gets wings to grow.
If you could show me how to do it,
I bet there would be nothing to it!
*  This little poem makes for a good imagination booster.  What child does not really "wish" for something they really can't have.  You may wish to have a blank paper or one with a simple butterfly border and encourage your child to draw what they would do or where would they go if they had wings.  Or maybe, what animal/insect would they be if they had wings.  Be sure to take dictation!

I'm a Butterfly
(tune: Pop Goes the Weasel)
 I spin and spin my chrysalis (circle fingers on palm)
Then go to rest inside (close fingers and rest hand on palm)
When I come out, I've changed indeed (open fingers slowly)
Look! I'm a butterfly! (fingers fly away)
*  I call these piggyback songs.  They use a familiar tune.  A song like this is catchy and easily remembered and are great for younger children or ones that are not a family member.  That way when they go home, they have a little song and it reminds the parents to ask how they day was.  :-)

Pretty Butterfly
Pretty, pretty butterfly
Flying up in the sky.
Pretty, pretty butterfly
Fly, fly, fly, fly.

Light upon my shoulder
Then upon my nose.
Light upon my tummy
Then upon my toes.

Pretty, pretty butterfly
Light upon my head.
Pretty, pretty butterfly
Time to go to bed.
*  This works well when you've made coffee filter or tissue paper in baggie butterflies.  You can also make a craft stick puppet butterfly for a scissors activity.  Then encourage your child to move their butterfly to the corresonding body parts. 

So, thought of the do your organize your ideas so you can easily find them?

A few years ago I pretty much got rid of my paper system.  I wasn't even using it anymore.  I was going to the internet and so on.  So I went and scanned in the ideas I wanted to keep and through out the rest.  I had created a formatted page in Word to fit the way I think when I lesson plan.  Now, if I come across a neat idea I can save it right into the theme file and activity organizer for future use.  I save pictures and such directly into that file.  It makes it nice and organized and when I'm not quite sure what it is I want to do I can browse through a file or two and that's usually enough to jumpstart my brain.  If you are interested in the "activity organizer" I use personally for Word, feel free to contact me and I'll send you the attachment.
Two butterfly related books the children enjoyed this week.
Waiting for Wings and The Butterfly Alphabet

Both are very informational, which I love!  Waiting for Wings, at the end has a each of the featured butterflies and what they look like in each part of the cycle.  The Butterfly Alphabet gives the name of each butterfly it features and also information about each one.

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