Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Will keep this short today as it's my husband's 38th bday and I probably should make him a cake at least.  :-) 

I chose 4 of the wooden zoo animals shapes. I believe I got these prepainted, on clearance, at Michael's.  Then I created the word cards.  On one side is capital letters on the other is lower case letters.  I sorted out the letter tiles (Wal-Mart), upper and lower case.  For the older students I tend to use upper case word card and lower case letters or vice versa.  For my younger ones I tend to match the same...so if they chose the upper case then I'd give them upper case letter tiles.  We talked about beginning sounds, word chunks, letter names, sticks/curves and more.  Side note:  It's important to have the exact letters set aside for them to use if you are doing upper to lowercase because, really, at preschool they very seldom know them all.  It helps with a little problem solving as well.  For example.  One child just didn't know what the lower case d looked like.  So I encouraged her to do what she knew.  At the end, the only one left was the lowercase d.  She "figured it out" all by herself.  That helps boost their confidence level.

Another very simple activity you can do...
Math Mats/Grid Games
Both of these mats are from www.prekinders.com.  They are very easy to make on your own also.  Children roll the dice and cover that many animals with a manipulative.  Can be played with more then one child, taking turns rolling their dice and seeing who can cover their mat first.  I provided magnetic chips and a magnet.  They love "clearing the board" with a magnet.  Usually I encourage left to right progression.  Today they wanted to just put the chips anywhere on the board.  Either way is okay.  

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