Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Post Card Exchange

Greetings all!  Been so long since I've taken the time to blog.  So busy, like everyone and I expect to get back into a consistent schedule come September 6th and school starting.  I did want to mention that I've often talked about wanting to do a post card exchange and lo and behold...last week I came across a preschool website that hosts a post card exchange.  You may be interested!  It was stated on the site that most of the participants will be from the U.S. but it is open to others outside of the U.S. also. 

We plan to make space for a USA map coloring sheet and color the state as we receive the postcard, learn a bit about that state and display the postcard as well.  I had one of my enrolled preschoolers for the fall here today and I mentioned this and her reaction was "That's just PERFECT!" I think so too.  I think she's ready to come back and I'm ready for her and my other kiddos.  I'm especially excited that Trent will be joining us in the activities when he can.  It would be ideal if we had another kiddo right around his age/development.  So far it looks like it'll be a small group but I also know that some families don't look for care/preschool until the week of school so perhaps we'll get another couple as the year progresses.  The one benefit of having a small group all the time is that we can get so much more involved and provide so much individualization.  The downfall is that there isn't as much peer interaction and we know that learning to work/deal with others is such an important aspect to learn at the preschool age.  Thus, I usually encourage children who will be young 5s or those I don't know well to consider the Just 4s program.  Yes, less children enrolled for me but I take the attitude that we are all in this together and we want what's best for the children. 

Look forward to sharing some ideas we do come September 6th!  Enjoy your last days of August!

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