Tuesday, December 20, 2011

S is for Snowman! Day 5

A few more activities with a snowman theme...
Marble Painted Snowman
Wish I had a large class for this activity!  They'd all be SO different!  Today I demonstrated how to draw a snowman filling a paper and encouraged them to use three circles to drawn their own snowman on their paper, freehand.  The newly turned 4 year old immediately started fist drawing circles so thus I recommend having two very different colors of crayons so that you can outline around their snowman as a visual of where to cut!  Then they cut out their basic snowman drawing, marble painted, glued to background and added details.  Simple and turned out lovely!
Ah...some day T. will actually participate instead of preferring to pull up a stool and watch.  It's kind of amusing.  He's very content just to watch.  A little different than my other two boys who were well into doing art, sensory, and other activities by his age but they all grow and develop differently.  T.'s an observer...especially with anything that might potentially be messy.

Melted Snowman Silly Putty

They did enjoy this (not T., of course...wouldn't touch it after the initial try!  LOL).  I purchased these from OTC for A.'s 3rd grade class as a little something for around the holiday times.  Since class numbers have dropped since I ordered the class gifts...my kiddos here are "benefiting".   It's a neat concept...the outside of the snowman tends to rub off...about a third of them came with paint rubbed off in spots on the containers and thus flakes get in with the silly putty but the kids don't seem to mind.  Good sensory activity!
We combined it with having potato flake trays also.  So with two sensory experiences...we didn't get to everything planned.  Oh well, some other time!
Snowman Colors
I did provide tweezers but they chose to use their fingers as the perler beads were really too little to manipulate to their button places with the tweezers.  :-)  Matching the hat to the snowman was great for color review and I love that they are labeled with the color words with the font I like the best.

Rhyming Snowman

I have a large selection of stamps, a garage sale finding.  You could just use magazine pictures or print some as well.  So, the other day I had my boys go through the stamps and find as many matching rhyming pairs of stamps they could find.  Actually there wasn't very many!  I was surprised there weren't more.  The picture is pretty self explanatory for how I created it.   The children enjoyed this and it was great review!

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