Tuesday, December 13, 2011

S is for Snowmen! Day 2

No snow yet...actually the forecast is rain!  :-(  Oh well.  39 degrees out today when we went outdoors.   We're having fun with our snowmen days!  Here's a few more activities we did with the focus of snow and snowmen.

Snowflake Snowman
Children explored with painting a piece of paper with watercolor/salt mixture.  They also explored with cutting paper snowflakes.  :-)  They made at least one large, medium, and small snowflake to create a snowman on their watercolor background. 
Especially fun to watch them open that first snowflake they made!

Salt Snow
Children love to use eyedroppers so after exploring with salt a bit I provided some watercolors and eyedroppers.  I've done this before with liquid watercolor.  This time I used what I had on hand...and that was the watercolor "spray" bottles that make such a mess!  LOL  My hands were covered with watercolor just preparing the bowls!  Oh well!  The children enjoyed the process and yes, they have slightly stained hands...but I thank my families because they understand that the process of an activity is so much important than the outcome and whether or not their child got dirty or not.  :-)  I try to minimize stains but they do happen, especially with this particular brand of watercolors! 

Snowman Seriation/Measurement
Just simply created my own snowman seriation set in Print Shop awhile back.  Children order by size then use the linking cubes to explore with nonstandard measurement.  Also, I incorporated the concept of estimation or "guesstimation" with this activity.  In the first grade classroom I was in they were doing estimation and one thing I noticed was that this was difficult for the children to do.  Obviously they had very little experience with it.  Most had a really hard time logically thinking about what would be larger (they were working with addition/subtraction facts) and what would be smaller.  There were also some that had a difficult time "letting go" and guessing and understanding that it was okay for them to have the incorrect guess.  So I told myself that I was definitely going to be doing more "guesstimation" activities here with my kiddos.  So we did today.  Do you think you will have more or less cubes than the green snowman?  Encouraged a guess with each snowman and let them know that whatever they "guessed" was a-okay mainly by just being matter of fact and stating..."Okay...let's fnd out how close we were!" 

Snowman Alphabet
Children chose a hat, stated the letter, found the picture to put it on.  The only representation I didn't care for was that they used "earth" for the letter E.  Hmmm.  So I did that one for them but they did the rest.  :-)

Oh!  I did want to share the book we read today.  Repetitive, which allows for more interaction.  Humorous in a very simple way!  Might want to check it out...was so fitting for us this week because we have some "sneezy" issues going on with this cold going around.
Sneezy the Snowman by Maureen Wright

All for now...maybe I'll take the time to look at some other blogs today and see what others are up to this week!

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