Friday, March 25, 2011

"I'm NOT creative!"

"I'm just not creative!"  Have you told yourself that?  Guess what, I'm not least not in an artsy way.  :-)  But aren't we glad for all those creative people that share their ideas and pictures?  I sure am!  Here's one very creative, artsy person whose blog I wish to share.  I used her great handprint ideas as a jumping board for a monthly activity I do with the children.  I love my digital camera.  I can snap away at the children, at least when I'm not actively involved at the moment, and usually come up with some pretty neat pictures.  But, there is usually a "favorite" each month.  I've done picture frames in the past and other hand/foot print projects but this year I simplified it and on the right side of the page is a picture of the child and on the left side is a theme related handprint project.  Typically done with paint or stamp pad.  February's just got later and later in the month of March so I decided to do just the simple sign for I Love You with construction paper vs. some of the more fancy painted handprint heart ideas.  So, really simple way to create memories.  Trent is always the hardest one to get to look decent.  :-)  Something about ticklish hands and the newness of having paint brushed on them!  He's getting better though!

(Brain is mush again. Sorry.  Short and simple today.)

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