Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Misc. "Spring" Pictures

Well, 3rd day of Spring and we have a snow day!  :-)  But, though I have a lot I can do with regards to cleaning and organizing, I decided it would be more fun to go through old pictures and see what activities I've done in the past. 

I see here that my oldest son was reviewing a lesson from Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons.  You could make a sheet similar.  I'm sure this mat was from a Mailbox publication.  I place my pages into a sheet protector or laminate them as any dampness will smear the colors on the paper because we don't have a laser printer (yet). :-)
Just Ducky! 

He chose a word to place on the umbrella and then recreated it using paper letter squares.

PB bird feeders are almost always a hit.
These were done with tp tubes but can also be done with other cardboard shapes to review shapes.  Great fine motor! Hold punch FIRST, then let them spread the pb, roll in bird seed, add yarn and hang it on a tree outside.

You can easily slip in graphing using various "spring" cut outs.
Taking a closer look here I noticed that the color birds at the bottom of the graph actually had a child's initial.  Why I did that was because each child was at different development.  So I hid the birds around the room and had each child find a certain color.  Aaron would have been the oldest in this group.  The child with the brown birds (2) would have been just reaching "preschool age" here. 

Ah!  Yes.  This magnet set has gotten a lot of use out of it!
I'm sure we were doing a bird/egg theme...most likely with the focus of robins.  Thus, the blues and whites.
Here's the actual set.  It was purchased from

During our bird theme, we typically do two types of feather painting.  One at the easel with very large feathers and one at the table with smaller craft feathers taped to a craft stick.
This particular activity was a scissor activities.  In my opinion, it's not art...even if there is paint involved.  There is very little opportunity for creativity here.  They cut around the feather and then when the dry the also fringed cut around the feather.  Fringe cutting is actually what "new cutters" do, for the most part.  They don't follow a line, they just snip if the paper is small enough or fringe cut around the endge of a paper.  However, with an older student it helps to teach them to control their scissors. 

Birdseed makes a good sensory material.  Supervise, as usual.
I saw with another picture that there were foam worms of different lengths in the birdseed and that was their task prior to free explorations.  They found all the different colors/lengths of worms and put them on a bird mat.  Then they stated the colors (color review) and then seriated them.

Oh yes!  This was a great but simple fine motor activity!  
Children cut out their pot, then removed the backing of as many foam flower stickers as they wanted.  They stuck them on their paper pretty much anywhere and drew a stem with marker from the flower to the pot.  Looks like we added a little math in there by counting the flowers and writing the numeral on the pot.  Activities like this are good for color review also.

Memories!!!  Wow, time has flown!
Definitely important to get that outside time in!

There was one picture in particular I was looking for.  We do the activity every year and they always love it.  So I'll be on the look out for it and post it when I find it.  Or I'll post a more recent picture we we actually do the activity in April.  Has to do with "rain".  Better let this be all for today.  I SHOULD try to get something done around this house when there isn't any children here but my own and two are outside!!!

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