Monday, May 7, 2012

I Like Bugs!

Today began our week of learning a bit about bugs and doing activities related to this theme.  After having a child read book ...
Where Do Insects Live? is a science emergent reader book that is perfect for bringing a child's attention to "in" and "on".

and a teacher read book...
Level one, Hello Reader Book

we created a tree map about bugs.
This was a perfect lead into a simple poem activity.

inspired by Hubbard's Cupboard
If this simple printable would be useful to you, feel free to download here.

This printable includes a bee, beetle, ladybug, mosquito, dragonfly, butterfly, caterpillar, grasshopper, ant, fly, moth and spider.  Reminder: a spider is not an insect.  ;-) Feel free to download a copy for your own personal use, if you wish.  Laminate and cut apart the strips.
The clothespins add a nice fine motor component, especially for preschool students.
Today, I also reinforced that concept that every word chunk has at least one vowel.   So she clapped out the word, then pushed those clothespins together to make the separate word chunks. Then she pointed out and named the vowels.  Fit nicely into our reading goals!  I do introduce some things a bit earlier than typical preschool teachers.  Just how much I introduce depends on the individual child.  I just have found that pointing out and talking about certain "rules" make it easier for them in the long run.  I don't expect mastery and we don't spend a lot of time on the ideas but we do slip it in briefly here and there.  This idea that there is at least one vowel in every word chunk sure helps when they begin sounding out and spelling words on their own! 

Buggy Art
Painting with rollers is always a painting tool they enjoy.  Today they simply used the rollers to create a grassy background.  Then they were encouraged to make bugs using foamie shapes.  Simple and enjoyable!

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