Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Love Bugs! Philemon Sturges

This is such a wonderful book!
I love the illustrations...so simple, so clear. The words are about the actions of the bugs and it introduces so many of them! It's quick and easy to read and a favorite amongst the children. I used it to also discuss the term "entomologist".  Another aspect of the book that I like...
There are two spreads of pages with pictures of bugs and a little tidbit of information about them! I created a BINGO activity using this book as inspiration.
The document includes:
6 BINGO mats and call cards, using real-life photos, for each bug. The call cards include pictures/names as well as trivia/names.  Feel free to download your copy here!  FYI:  I created this with toddler/preschool students in mind and so did only a 3x3 board to make it fast paced. 

We did a Venn Diagram using the hula hoops and stretchy bugs we had on hand.  We sorted spiders, purple bugs and then the middle would be purple spiders.  They love this sort of thing and don't even realize they are learning!  Then to check for understanding about how a Venn diagram works I created a simple cut and paste sheet for them to do during centers.
Feel free to download a copy of the Bug Sort: Venn Diagram, if you wish. I added a ladybug magnify glass to provide an additional point of interest.  Definitely was a hit!

Bug Transfer
Using tweezers are great for fine motor. Today I provided stretchy bugs and multiple containers, in case they wished to sort their bugs. These were all dollar store purchases.  They've served us well!

Buggy Sensory Tub
These plastic bugs have such nice detail.  We purchased ours at Toys R Us but I've seen them elsewhere, such as at Amazon.  They are an Animal Planet brand.

Weekly Readers
I so wish there was a way to purchase one of several grades of Weekly Readers. I think that their company would be used by homeschool families if they would allow that.  At this time you have to purchase a minimum amount of each grade. So that doesn't make it cost effective for us home-based programs/homeschool families. But on their end, I can understand that it would be all that cost effective for them to allow that.  I do keep the samples I get in the mail along with the ones that come home from school with my boys. :-)

Bug Balloon Blots
Definitely a process vs. a product project.  Pictures really don't show the pure enjoyment they have with such a simple project.  We started this today thinking that if we printed the balloons first thing this morning...they'd be dry enough to add details before the preschool only child goes home.  Well, they weren't, so we'll finish on Thursday, for him.

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  1. I was super excited to see your wonderful Bug Bingo, but was disappointed because millipedes are arthropods, not insects, nor bugs. Insects have 3 body parts and 6 legs. Bugs are a specific type of insect that have a mouth like a beak and head that forms a triangle, such as stink bugs, bedbugs & water striders.