Friday, May 18, 2012

Just a bit more on bugs...

Time for blogging isn't all that easy to come by this week.  :-)  So maybe I'll share just a few of the many activities we did that were teacher and child favorites.
This kiddos seemed to enjoy finding those Planet Earth bugs in multiple places over the last couple of weeks.  Incredible foam with H. and fresh homemade play dough with K. in this picture. 

This is definitely a teacher and child favorite "game".  I set it up for individual use and they can control whether they want the caterpillar's arms to move while they are working or after they are done.  Great for fine motor!

And another very simple but well liked activity.  Template that I used can be found at Teachers.Net Gazette.  I did cut the black body out prior but they folded a half piece of 9x12 red construction paper and traced a wing and cut to create two wings.  I provided trimmed index cards for them to write the word LADYBUG or ladybug and whatever else they wanted to draw or write. 

We also did sight word fly swatting...the pictures didn't turn out well due to lighting and action but I did want to share the site to get these free flies.  :-)  Make Take & Teach.  She has a larger set on TPT, but Dolch lists 1-3 are free!  We so appreciate teachers willing to share!  We got good use out of them and we're keeping them out for next week since K. enjoyed them so well. 

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