Thursday, October 20, 2011

B is for...

B is for Butterfly!
(amongst other things)
Each Thurday we do an ABC Twiggles letter craft for the focus letter.  Thus, I usually use the paper craft as our theme for that day.  Never have I done butterflies this late in the year but you know was a perfect cheery thing to do on this very dreary, rainy day!  :-) 

Some of the other planned activities that we did today....

Butterfly Numeral Formation
 Numeral recognition, counting and numeral formation.

Butterfly Mat w/ Playdough
One of the children in attendance today was sick when we did the playdough with the golf tees so I pulled those back out for him.   The pattern was a reproducible from The Mailbox.  I love this picture of T.!  So much learning takes place through observation and he's definitely watching the older child here.  :-)  Often, when I see this type of observation take place, it won't be long before T.'s back at whatever the other child was doing and trying it out, even if he had been there already.  Love it!  One benefit of a mixed age group.

Sensory: Bird Seed
I gave them a choice of /b/ sound sensory materials today and this is what they chose.  It's a nice material to work with and will go through funnels too (though they chose to use the paper towel tubes instead).

Melissa & Doug 
I chose the /b/ sound words to use today.  Only 4, just about perfect for timing and interest.  Loved hearing about the letters recognized and the realization that the words all started with b!

Roller Painting Butterflies
The process...
cut                                                        paint
                     fold and pat                     open and exclaim!  :-)
Repeat as often as desired!           
A little different process for toddlers.  We'll cut it into a butterfly shape after it's dry, if he wants too.

Oh, and this last one is just seasonal...I was going through the closet and seen that I had completely forgotten about having this wooden jack-o-lantern matching set, purchased from Oriental Trading.    This is a very large set so I only choose 10 pairs to work with.  Easy enough for the older child.  Really need just 3-5 for toddlers.  Before I put something like this on the shelf for free play, I like to "introduce" it first.

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