Friday, October 7, 2011

D is for...

D is for Dogs!

Dog's Colorful Day by Emma Dodd
This is one of our favorite books, even my older school-age children enjoy it. 
A great interactive board.  I chose to use the pattern to create a felt dog and felt spots and velcro on the backs of the other pieces.  I didn't have my head on straight and I put the loop side of the velcro on the numbers and it would have been more beneficial to put the hook side on the numbers so I could have put the numbers up on the felt board also...but it worked out just fine :-)  Could be done with magnets also!  Or just plain, without magnets or velcro.

Pencil Control Binder created with a set of pencil control sheets from
I have found a lot of great free printables from this site.  The only downfall is that they use a different font than I do.  Most of the time it works out just fine but just an FYI if you are using the basic "ball and stick" font.

K. wanted to write her own "D is for dog."  Yeah!  I've been waiting for this.  And as she made the period at the end of the sentence she started to sing, "punc, punc, u-ation"  A LeapFrog song.  :-P  Watch out Kindergarten Teachers! 
Paper Bag Puppet
We chose to add colorful foam circles to make it more like the dog in the book.

Of course, we must do Do a Dots during our D week.  Unfortunately, MANY of my pictures I took yesterday were blurry.  Not sure why as I had it on the same setting as I always do.  Anyway, we started with the task of forming Dd with do a dots on an ABC Twiggles sheet then had a free exploration time.  This time, T., 2, matched the lids to the correct color on the bottles each time telling me what color it was.  Love that he's starting to name colors correctly!

D is for Dirt. 
And, the kiddos here know quite well that dogs like to dig in dirt. Actually, we have two fresh holes in our yards from last night.  Good thing our Golden Retriever 'puppy' is cute!  LOL  He's about a year old but "full-size" and our yard didn't look all that grand before we got this dog but oh my goodness, the holes in our yard now.  Where does the dirt go?  We scrape it back in but it never fills up the hole!  Anyway, I added some rocks yesterday that we picked up from Lake Huron.  I wanted to introduce them now and I'll pull them back out in a couple weeks when we do the letter R.  When we picked them, we picked them when they were in the water, so their patterns/colors are really cool.  So we'll add eyedroppers/water/magnify glasses and so on the next time they come out.

Hope you all had a great week...on to letter P next week.  :-) 

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  1. Fun activities! I haven't see that book before, I'll have to find one on Amazon. I love to "build on" books & don't do it enough.