Tuesday, October 4, 2011

D is for...

D is for Dinosaurs!

Foam D Dino
 This was our scissors activity today.  Any "crafts" we do fall under fine motor/scissors vs. art.  Don't you love the three legs! 

Masking Tape Dino
I believe this was a Mailbox publication idea.  The masking tape adds a great fine motor component.  The grass cutting is always great for the skill of cutting and stopping at a line.  I always draw a line on the back of the strip for grass as most preschoolers will snip it right off.

Clothespin Dinos
This is ages old but still a favorite.  I provided the dinos and their corresponding colored clothespins.  I also provided a couple that didn't have matching clothespins and we created some patterns.

Dino Graphing Book
(Letter of the Week packet)
Ended up being a mini book as I had my print settings changed and had forgotten about it but it turned out perfect for making dots.  Hey, D is for dots!  :-D

Dino Writing Practice Cards
(Letter of the Week packet)
Was watching for hand dominance, hand control, starting at the top and or left (for younger children put a dot to start).  The children really find these types of cards enjoyable...part of it is the way the dry erase marker easily marks and the fun of wiping them all off.  :-P 

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