Thursday, October 6, 2011

D is for ...

D is for Dress Up!
We've always had a few items for dress up that came out with various dramatic play themes but this year I decided to look for a "station" specifically for dress up.  It was a lot harder to find something that wasn't too expensive but would also fit in the space we have.  We ended up with this cute little organizer.  For the price I wasn't expecting much but it seems very durable and the kids love it.  

  T. is 2 and won't really dress up yet---enjoys the "purses" and the wands though! I give him until end of next week with him watching the other kids having so much fun and I'm betting he'll get into also. I got a really good picture of a student that, unfortunately I can't post.  :-(  She was dressed in all pink from her hat and scarf to her wand, purse and shoes, except for her black and orange socks that were peeking out of the her long pink skirt.  :-D  So cute!  Here are a few more...
C.  ended up at a train conductor more often than not this week. 

Who says that dress up is only for "little" kids.  A.'s had a lot of fun with it also.  So my goal is to find some larger items that will fit the bigger kids a bit better.

So fun to watch them walk around in those shoes! 

When I was looking for a station I wanted a mirror for sure.  A mirror always adds another dimension to play. I wanted more than a "tub" since I wished for the children to practice with hanging items up on hangers.  The plush brief case that came with the "gentlemen's set" from has turned into a suitcase.  So they are also getting folding practice.   I didn't place all of our dress up out because often in this case "less is more", I'll just switch some items out next week, keeping a few of the favorites.

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