Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Giant Turnip (V is for Vegetables)

Another excellent "kindergarten morning".  Trying to cut down how much time I'm spending on the computer so a brief post.

A shout out to Laura from Painted Paper for the inspiration! 

*  A variation of the story The Giant Turnip (some titles use the word enormous instead of giant)from your local library or off of youtube. 
* Paper- 9x12 white construction paper, shades of green scrap paper, skin tone, light blue 12x18
* template for large basic turnip shape (without greens) for tracing (or draw on paper for child)
* template for a block letter V (greens)
* pencil
* scissors
* paint- black, red/yellow (depending on what kind of turnip you do), white, brown
* qtips
* paint brushes and/or sponges
* tray or plates for paint
* glue stick

After reading or listening to the story and discussing...
1) trace hand on skin tone paper and cut out.
2) trace turnip template on white paper and cut out.
3) trace V template on various shades of green paper and cut out (we did 8 all together)
4) discuss how to make the various shades.  Starting with the basic color and adding black to make it darker and starting with white and adding the basic color to make lighter shades.  We did 6 different shades. 
5) squirt the paint onto the tray and mix each with qtips.
6) use paint brush or sponge brush to paint strips from darkest to lightest on turnip.  We left the tip unpainted/white.  Allow to dry.
7) glue turnip onto 12x18 paper, near bottom.
8) use the glue stick at apply glue on the V's, using correct letter formation.  Place at the top of turnip, overlapping, if desired.
9) glue hand in desired position, as if pulling the turnip.
10) apply brown paint/dirt (consider adding dirt for texture) with sponge or brush at the bottom of the paper.


The process of mixing the colors together themselves is very do so if you can.  If you can't provide individual trays because of group size...please consider doing the mixing together as a class, instead of ahead of time.  :-)
How our shades of red tray ended up.  Trays are such a lovely invention!  :-D  The sponge brush (I got sets of 8 different sizes of these at a dollar store) was perfect for this project.

      And using the correct letter formation as they are gluing is great practice!      

This is the first time I've actually done the letters U and V together and I will do so from now on.  So many of my past and present students write u and v very much alike.  They wouldn't get that point at the bottom of the V.  No problem with that this time with teaching them together!

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  1. These turned out GREAT!! SO fun! Thanks for sharing! :)