Friday, March 30, 2012

Dolch Tracing Word Cards

K. is 5 years old and we've been exploring with reading and writing for quite awhile.   She has been showing more interest and quite a bit of progression these last few weeks with her reading and writing and I've been on the look out for a few things that point to her being ready to step it up a bit.  And this last week...I saw the last two I was looking for.  Perfect timing!  That gives me a week to prepare a few individualized activities, as it's now officially spring break.

*  Over the course of the last few months I've noticed that K. is starting to write smaller and smaller.  Actually, her smaller printing is sometimes better than mine! Her confidence in letter formation (specifically watching for lowercase letter formation confidence) has grown quite a bit. 

*  I've noticed in the last month she has begun to draw lines on her writing area for when she is writing words.

*  She is noticing my informal "slip-ins" of letters and numbers on penmanship lines and is beginning to use them correctly.

*  In her reading, she has begun to recognize some of the words without having to sound them out and is very excited about it!  (Here's a smile for you... the word "ate" has been introduced in her reading lessons and this past week she'd come to that word and say, "six".  At first I was raising my eye brows and stating, "hmmm, is that a /s/ sound at the beginning?".  Then I got it!  :-D  ate-8.  She knew it sounded like a number but got 6 on the brain!)

So I've created these word cards that will introduce more formally, penmanship lines.  These will be laminated and cut apart so they can be traced and reused in various activities.  I'll share how we use them as we use them.  They'll be a part of our daily "word work".  I've included the first 81 (pre-primer and primer) in order of frequency.  If they can be of use to you, feel free to download the Sight Word Tracing Cards.

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  1. Wonderful resource! Thank you for sharing!!!