Thursday, March 8, 2012

Letters U and V

Today was kind of a quiet (as in not very active) day.  Colds have been shared and sinus issues are flaring and I don't think any of us really are feeling that great.  So I revamped today after observing the kids for about 20 minutes.  We have to be flexible that way.  :-D  (Thank goodness the children have learned our seasons song and money chant pretty good since Ms. Amber's voice really isn't cooperating.  Singing is quite humorous indeed!)

This week we chose to put U and V together for several activities. Definitely helped the children to see the difference and write them correctly! This was one of the activities we did today...
Reinforced the main difference between the two letters...U curving and V having a stopping point.  Great fine motor also!  And, slipped in a pattern.  May wish to check out Pinning Version 2.0.  That individual used a box and paper whereas I chose to write the letters with permanent marker directly on Styrofoam.  (And it just worked out that after I saw a variation on Pinterest, I was at Staples and they were clearance out their colored push pins---100ct for 50 cents!  Can't beat that!) 
I used a magnetic rectangle in each of the bowls, this allowed for most of the points the be pointing down.  Only one time did a child get "poked" and he said, "Oh, I got poked." So obviously not really a problem.  :-)  For the toddler, I chose to put them in his Styrofoam instead of in the bowl. If he got poked once he would have been done and not just for this time but for any time we had the push pins out.  :-D  So this was just planning ahead to get the most out of the activity for him.

V is for Volcano
Original idea from

 I really didn't look at their pattern, just created my own.  Considered sharing it but then thought that I might be stepping on toes since you can get their pattern if you purchase their membership.  But it is relatively easy to create on your own, if you so desire.  Theirs used red, yellow, marker for the "lava".  We chose to mix red and yellow watered down paint using the straw blowing technique.  One thing I did was to provide a cream colored block V and various shades of red and orange crayons.  They traced the V for at least as many times as crayons.  Turned out nice and great practice for them!  Who says we need a worksheet and have to write the letter over and over and over without much meaning?  :-P  Not saying those worksheets don't have their place...but at the preschool level, the more we can find ways for them to practice letter formation without using a worksheet the better!

Water Transfer
This was actually one of T.'s planned activities but I correctly expected that the other children would want to do this as well.  Transfer the water to the sponge with eyedropper and then squeeze out into the other bowl.  One thing I noticed with all three children was that they used the eyedropper with their dominant hand and when it was time to squeeze the sponge they still hand the eyedropper in their hand so they all squeezed with their nondominant hand!  I couldn't have planned better than that.  And if I had even suggested it would have been too much to remember so the probability they would have done it wouldn't have been high.  :-D

Pattern Block Alphabet
Mr. T. decided he wanted to do the pattern blocks.  I was pleasantly surprised!  I normally have his own work and then when he shows interest in what the other kids are doing then he's welcome to explore with their materials.  It helps me know when he's ready for more preschool work vs. toddler work.  :-)

One of the activities he did today was from www.confessionsofahomeschooler.
Erica has provided homeschoolers and early childhood educators with so many resources!  We so appreciate people like her willing to share her hard work!
You can download her 1-10 Sticker Sheet from her Math Printables Page.

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