Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Journals (Draw and Label)

I feel pretty strongly about using visuals with children of all ages.  So, I've really enjoyed many of the anchor charts that I've seen floating around Pinterest/blogs.  Such a great learning tool for the classroom, if they are posted at a level that allows for interaction. The idea behind it really is to have the children brainstorm with you to create the chart and then they can go back and use it as a reference.  However, in my situation, there will never be more than 6 students in my home and even if our plan to homeschool works in our favor, the children will be at different levels of development and on different topics.  So, I can see the child and I brainstorming and creating a chart at a smaller scale and placing the charts in a binder to be later used as a reference point.  Until then, there are a few visuals I can use presently with my PreK students to help them become more independent in their work. 
Not sure why the picture is blurry, it uploaded crystal clear.  Hmmm.  I've had this happen before on blogger.  Any ideas why?   Anyway...will give you an idea of what they look like.

 I see readiness in my older student for a more formal journaling experience.  So the above Draw and Label visual will help her keep on track in our new daily journal that we'll begin after Spring Break.   With our daily journal, we are going to take the route that a journal is a place for her to draw and write about anything she wants.  Things she likes, stuff she doesn't like, how she feels, what she wants to do, etc.  I am not going to emphasize a theme.  My goal is to encourage a bit more creative thinking.  My goal will be for this to become an independent afternoon activity for K.    The Draw and Label Strip will help her remember the process in which to complete her journal entry. We will start out by using the top strip.  Brainstorm, draw, color, label. I plan to use return address labels for her labeling, thus the picture I chose.  One kindergarten teacher suggested the at least 5 colors and at least 3 labels and I'm going to go along with that.   I find that with the children here, unless I remind them to use various colors, they'll use one color for the whole picture.  I'd like for them to add detail to their drawings and so using colors will be the beginning of their additional detail and will eventually lead for them to use color words in their writing.  After a time of our Draw and Label Journals, we'll then move into adding a simple sentence.  When we get to that point, we'll have the sight words she has learned up on the wall.  She will then create her sentence out of the sight words and one of her labels. 

I can already see her smile of pride when she completes her journal pages! Feel free to download your Draw and Label Strips if they'll be helpful to your student(s).

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