Friday, April 27, 2012

Butterfly Dictation

We did quite a bit of review/finish up/non-themed activities today.  Here are a couple butterfly activities we did today. 

Butterfly Dictation
This is a very easy dictation activity.  Sometimes the simpler the better!  I find there are so many benefits to dictation.   Besides the benefits of verbalizing their thoughts/stories, I'm reinforcing the basics of writing!  (However, it looks like I should have gotten the ruler out for my lines.  You should see my printing on a chalk or white board!)  They learn a lot from observing us write and since it's "their story" they pay more attention to what we are doing.  Very meaningful!
Earlier today I provided scrap paper for them to cut into small pieces and place inside of a fold over baggie.  (Zip shut baggies do not work well for this activity.)  When they had filled them as far as they wanted, we wrapped a pipe cleaner around the bag to make the butterfly.  Then they chose a color of construction paper and we hot glued it to the paper.  Finally, we sat down and thought about where the butterfly would be going and then I wrote the story down.
So Many Butterflies, So Many Ways
I came across this printable a bit ago.  I wouldn't typically consider it for early preschool, but it's very nice for those older ones that need a challenge!  K.'s 5, with a firm early learning foundation and was quite independent with this activity.  Great for reviewing number words and tally marks!  The little blue spots are just pieces of sticky tac to make the very small pieces not go flying and cause the activity to be frustrating.  :-) 

Hope you had a lovely week!  We are onto birds next week.

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