Thursday, April 26, 2012

ABCDE I found a butterfly on me!

Monday, I shared the little butterfly alphabet chant that the kiddos have always enjoyed.  This year is not an exception, they've really enjoyed it and picked up the words quickly.  I had planned to do a Kids Soup Life Cycle of a Butterfly Booklet but decided that instead I'd quickly create our own booklet using this chant.  A great way to reinforce alphabet order and alphabet formation.

Feel free to download a copy to here to use with your child(ren).  Hope they enjoy it as much as the children here!

Glitter Butterfly
K. chose her colors, chose what type of butterfly she wanted to trace (I just showed her various coloring sheet butterflies and she chose one), and then after tracing the outside and covering with glitter, she free hand "drew", with the glue, the design inside of her butterfly.  I slip in tracing a pattern here and there because they do quite a few paper crafts in Kindergarten with tracing/cutting out.  It's a good fine motor skill to learn to how the paper firmly and trace around.  With anything like this though, I always offer a time for free exploration of the material without patterns.  Did turn out pretty though! 

Butterfly Pasta Letters

 I've shared this activity before.  I believed I did it with numbers.  Today we focused on the vowels, a, e, i, o, u and their short vowel sounds. The dollar store napkin holders are great for holding cards such as these.  They chose one from the yellow and when they were done they put it in the orange.

Bubble Wrap Butterflies
Finished adding details.  Love Mr. T.'s there on the left.  If you remember from Tuesday's post, he didn't handle the bubble wrap and painting well so he did not have a bubble wrap print.  So with the scrap paper, scissors, colored pencils, and glue stick he worked diligently to make his own. :-)

Bead Butterflies
inspired by Indietutes
We used markers to color the clothespin and then they filled their chosen pipe cleaners with beads.  None of them really filled their pipe cleaner so I trimmed them before hot gluing into the clothespin.  We tried using our magnet strip but it wasn't strong enough.  They'd make cute magnets but plan on using heavy/stronger magnets.
I love watching little ones put beads on pipe cleaners!  So serious then usually a big grin when they succeed!
I'm in the process of making a list of time filler kits, some with crafty themes, to create this summer for the fall, as we plan to have school-agers in the home vs. preschooler/toddlers.  (Well, we'll have 1 preschooler...Mr. T.)  This bead butterfly will go on that list.  From my professional and personal experience with school-agers, they will LOVE this and they'd be able to do it independently!

Blot Butterflies
These are a two session project.  The first day we...
Drizzle glue...
(Not a requirement but they enjoy this process.)
Squeeze paint...
(We used primary colors.  If you skip step one you may wish to add paint to glue bottles.  It does work better to adhere the two pieces of wax paper together.)
Add another piece of wax paper and *smoosh* the paint and glue. 
(Neat feeling!  Cool and squishy...they always enjoy it!)
Now we'll wait until completely dry and then cut into a butterfly sheet.  I'll post a picture when we complete the project.

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