Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Missing Numbers-Spring

One of the activities we did today was to work with our number line up to 52.  Actually, I expected to get up to 32 but as K. put the number strips in order she kept on going without much issue so I let her.  Then I added a pot of flowers over top of six numbers and her goal was to tell me what the missing number was by using the numbers on either side to give her a clue in stating the number name and then to write the numeral down on the flower pot.  I laminated the activity so that we could use dry erase markers on the number line and clipart.  The goal was to continue to work with seeing patterns in our numbers.  She was able to check her work by removing the flower pot and compare the number she wrote to the answer.   She did a great job and really enjoyed this simple activity.  Great practice for number recognition and writing! 
Feel free to download the colorful number strips (up to 52) and the six sets of spring themed clipart to create your own Missing Numbers activity.  Please remember that these are for personal use only.  Thanks!

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