Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hearts Misc.

Well, after our family coming down with the flu (nasty virus that was!) and I miscarrying the same week, which ended up being an incomplete miscarriage and took until the next week to complete and now I'm down and out with back trouble.  That's three things need to start looking up again.  :-)  So, by afternoon today I ended up calling my chiro to ask when I should begin worry about the needle pricking sensation going down my leg.  So he changed his instructions from minimal walking and staying off my feet and no soft surfaces to laying down.  Don't sit much.  Well, that's almost impossible with kiddos around this house.  So, once again I'm having to cancel.  Sure has been an interesting few weeks.  K. has been with me since an infant thought and today she proved to be very flexible and helpful.  So, instead of Ms. Amber working directly with her and up and down on the floor with her I asked my husband to bring in my hearts tub and I quickly created about 10 independent work trays on my cart.  She enjoyed this change of pace, really.  But we surely didn't get done what was on my lesson plans as I was not able to stand long enough to gather my materials or finish prepping the materials.  So glad for flexible children and for my cart that I purchased this past summer! 

This cart is ideal for organizing and I would recommend it to various people...especially homeschoolers.  Though I will not be offering a formal preschool/child care program next school year...I do plan to use my cart for my youngest's preschool years.  I didn't get pictures of everything she did today and she didn't use all the trays either...we'll save them for another day...might as well turn this into a H is for Hearts week.  :-)

Heart door hangers and heart animal foam stickers.
  Simple independent craft that encouraged fine motor.  Peeling backings of of foam stickers is great for little fingers.  Great conversation between the two also.  And K. was such the helper!

Heart Design Do a Dot Page
Again, was neat to observe and listen to them working together.  T. is really maturing.  They had a thing going here where K. would stamp (T. didn't want to...surprise, surprise) and T. would twist the cap back on.  :-)

OTC Heart Linkies
Little plastic hearts that linked together.  This was our transition into Ms. Amber needing to go lay down and get relief from the "electrical currents" flying through me leg.  So we moved to the bedroom with her next to me so that I could continue to interact with her.  She created a chain as long as I was.  :-)

OTC Heart Scratch Board
Scratch boards are great prewriting experiences!

Heart Match It!
A very simple game I had created.  We each took turns rolling the dice and covering the number if we had one left on the board.  Was neat to see that she is starting not to automatically count the spots on the dice but knows what they are without counting.  Yeah!

 Heart Scissors Activity
Just simply had her cut out a heart from cardstock and then showed her how to use the stencils and then let her go.

So an "easy" day in some regards.  Not so easy in others.  No posting tomorrow as I had to take the day off since I don't know what tomorrow will bring after the ibuprofen wears off.

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