Sunday, January 15, 2012

Salt Art

Well, definitely a week I do not want to repeat.  I was off until had one child on Friday and that was it for the week.  So we did various misc. activities.  One activity we did on Friday was Salt Art and my own boys wanted to do this over the weekend as well.  Very neat process art activity!  I definitely recommend this activity.

Simply put, children created a design with liquid glue (great hand strengthener), sprinkled heavily with salt, and used a paint brush with water colors to color their design.  I used liquid watercolors and not watercolor cakes.  Tip:  do not "paint" the water color onto the salt.  Just slightly touch one area of of the salt and watch the salt soak it up.  This was definitely a point of interest for the children.  The pictures don't really do justice for how bold the colors turned out.

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