Tuesday, January 17, 2012

M is for Monkeys (and marbles)

Upper-Lowercase Letter Monkeys

We did all the letters that we've learned up to this point.

Muddy M's Magnetic Marble Painting w/ Scissors Activity
T. would often look underneath the tray and watch his wand vs. watching his magnetic marble on the tray.  :-)  But he participated!  Normally he stays clear of anything that might get him dirty.  LOL  Guess he figured the chance was high after watching the other two "paint".

The children snipped apart mice, moose, and monkeys and created their patterns at the top and bottom of their paper.  I especially like how many different pattern variations can come out of an activity like this.  :-)  Snipping isn't all that difficult for most 4+ children but I used very thin lines this time to make it a bit more of a challenge as well as help them concentrate on cutting thin lines vs. bold lines.

Marble Run
They spent quite a bit of time with these marbles.  A lot of squeals and giggles :-)  Oh the simple things!  This is actually a toy we have that "launches" cars down the ramp.

Monkey Seriation
Erica from Confessions of a Homeschooler has such great clipart in the activities she creates. Makes the activities appealing to the children.  We thank her for all that she has shared!

Of course we are using quite a bit of music this week.  http://www.abctwiggles.com/ has a little online story called Monkeys Make Music so, of course, we slipped that one in there today!
And our Mat Man turned into a Mat Monkey.  :-D
Great fiction book to introduce various types of monkeys.

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