Monday, January 30, 2012

K is for kite!

Symmetry Blot Kites
This project required several steps....we started this project first thing and it was completed, for the most part, before lunch.  We just did other activities in between each of the steps that required drying.

1st:  Mixing white and blue paint together to get the *perfect* shade.  Remember when mixing colors that you always start with the lightest color and add a little of the darker colors.

2nd: Painting the background sky color.

3rd: Adding clouds with a sponge, since it is mentioned in the song we sang (see below).

4th: Cutting the diamonds/kites from scrap paper.  Great use of scrap paper! Last week we did hearts this same way.  It's a skill that will benefit them as they get older.  I had a child once who after we had done this folded paper cutting for awhile he started stacking the papers together (other projects) with things I wanted him to cut out that were the same shape.  He told me that if he could cut with our folded paper he can cut his other paper quicker by putting them together.  Wow! Awesome for a 5 year old!

5th: Painting a design on one side of the kite, we used qtips, and folding over to print it to the other side.  FYI:  some children-especially younger ones- will paint both sides of the diamond.  That works just fine as well.

6th: Gluing onto the background and adding other details to create the final display.  We used yarn as a string of the kite.  Squeezing glue bottles are great fine motor as is tracking the yarn along the glue and pressing it in.  You may wish to have a wipe nearby for those children who have a "glue on my finger" issue. ;-P

Kites Song
Tune: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
See my kites up in the sky
Flying past you, oh so high
With the wind, they move so fast
Watch the clouds, moving past
See my kites up in the sky
Flying past you, oh so high!

---author unknown---
If you know to whom I can give credit for this song, please let me know and I will do so.

Hoping for a week that will go smoothly...after the past three weeks one kind of wonders "what will happen next?"  I'm glad to see the snow coming down so beautifully...but a snow day means another missed day and we've already miss so many because of Ms. Amber's situations.  Oh well, go with the flow!

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