Friday, January 20, 2012

M is for Melt

Today we had a play up at the school, that the 2nd-4th graders were putting on, to see so we really only did our calendar/reading activities and this melting experiment which was inspired by  I thought it was cool when she blogged about it and decided to try it out today.  It is pretty cool.   Messy...well, a little but nothing a plastic scraper won't take off!  LOL  Would I do it again, yes, I would.  It would make for a neat fireworks project!  We "hot glued" the crayons onto the cardboard/cardstock and use the hairdryer on high so it wouldn't take as long to start melting.  :-)
Even though I explained that the glue gun was a low temp glue gun and I showed her that I could touch it and get glue on me without it really hurting me...she still didn't want to use it so she picked her crayons and pointed to where she wanted them and I put the glue on the cardstock.  But really, a low temp glue gun works fine with kiddos.  I've allowed children use them under supervision many a time over the years.
K. really enjoyed this and her smiles were plenty with quite a few squeals of excitement as the crayons began to melt.  T.  enjoyed watching but didn't wish to participate.  My observer.  :-P

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