Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fizzing Trays

Pinterest...I just recently joined the many others and what a great way to organize all the lovely ideas/resources that we have on the web!  I am not "addicted" (yet) as some seem to be LOL  but I do think it's going to be a great time saver for me!  Anyway...this was an activity that I saw on Pinterest and it's one of those "why on earth hadn't I thought of that!" projects.  The children LOVE volcanoes and the bottle balloons but not once have I ever just put baking soda on a tray for them to explore with.   So I remedied that and we did the project within a week of me seeing it on Pinterest.  :-P 

You need...
vinegar and baking soda
We chose to use primary colored food coloring to reinforce coloring mixing.
Of course I added a letter recognition component reinforcing H and K which are the two we are working with this week.   The cool thing is that my main two students have names that start with H and K.  Couldn't have planned it better if I had tried too!  LOL
There's my observer off to the right.  He loved watching the kiddos but was adamant he wasn't going to do this project.  Words I's fizzy, sizzling, sounds hot but it's cold, stinky, blue and yellow makes green (a color mixing song we sing), and etc.  Was so fun to watch them!  I intentionally set it up this way for these two.  K.'s right handed but H. goes back and forth between right and left hand yet.  Here he's using his right hand but for the majority of the activity he did switch and use his left hand.  K. is using her left hand here instead of her right hand.  Both children were encouraged to use their dominant hand after the initial exploration so that they were crossing their midline as they reach across to the bowls.  I also wanted them to that they did have to wait a moment or two if they wanted a specific color and the other person was using it. 
A closeup of one spot on the that not cool or what?!
And!  T. decided to actually do this project after watching for quite awhile!  AWESOME!
Squeeze, release, squeeze!
And he touched it! 
Curiosity got the best of him and he started putting fistfuls of baking soda into the bowls of vinegar.  They all fuzzed up for a bit and then when they stopped he lost interest.  But this is awesome that he explored with this activity!

Highly recommended!  Your kiddos will love it!

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