Tuesday, February 7, 2012

T is for Tree (evergreens)

Seriation Trees
Well, this was a bit of an informal assessment for the children.  Typical expectation would be that the children would be able to order three (big, medium, small) shapes.  I find that they can normally order six-eight if they experience it on a regular basis through their preschool years.  I LOVE the bottom picture.  T. actually participated!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Can't tell I'm excited, can you?!)  I've made sets of materials for him to use since he stopped taking morning naps but he always refused...just wanted to watch.  But today?!  He did this one activity.  And asked for specific colored markers to use and so I tried to mix it up a bit and give him a different color and he always corrected me.  Yes, he knows his basic colors...that's for sure!  (So his own little informal assessment-and he thought it was all a game!) 

Compound Words Evergreens
 I find it very beneficial to slip in compound word explorations in preschool.  If a child is having a hard time putting two sounds together (which is necessary for reading) than I go back to compound words because it's easier to slide together two words than it is two sounds which may be still pretty meaningless to them.  So since we were focusing on evergreen trees today...it's a great time to slip in some compound word practice.  :-)  We did the simple tree puzzles first, then pulled each side apart saying one word than the other and sliding them back together to say the compound word.  Ex)  Pan......Cake = pancake.  Having the compound word images available to see help younger students but I've done enough of this type of thing with my students that they are familiar with how this works and did not need the compound word pictures.  Then K. sounded out the word "ever" and the word "green" and we slid them together to make "evergreen". Took less than 5 minutes but great review! 

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