Wednesday, February 8, 2012

K is for Kites (All About Me)

Here is one project that I hadn't posted about yet.   Due to various reasons (mainly because we didn't get it done the first day and we usually don't have a lot of time for "make-up"/finish-up" projects)...we just didn't get to the final touches of the project.  So, today we did!

Very simple but an excellent activity. 
Scissor skills, literacy, art and could be used for various concepts.

We simply cut out the diamond shape from a 12x18 piece of construction paper and because we were taking the "all about me" idea, I put her first letter in the middle of the kite, block style.  It definitely worked out that her name began with K and we were doing kites.  :-)  But it would be no problem at all to put your child's first letter there.  She colored in the K with crayon-and then she painted over top with watercolors.  Later I had created bows with "all about me" fill in the blank sentences such as "My name is _________."  "My family name is _______."  I am ______ years old."  "My favorite color is _______."  She filled in the blanks and we hot glued the bows to her choice of ribbon. Again-simple but one I'd do again.

Other ideas...
Number Kite- have child write numerals on the kite bows.
Consider skip counting.

Alphabet Kite- write alphabet on the kite bows.

Name Kite- use as many bows as letters in child's name. 
Great for a whole class or family and comparing name lengths.

Pattern Kite- create a pattern of colors with the bows.

Texture Kite:  Use various materials or textured paint for the bows.

5 Senses Kite:  Represent a object/material with a drawing/picture on the kite and each bow representing a different sense.

Use your imagination!  I'm sure there are more ways to use these simple kites!

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