Thursday, February 9, 2012

T is for Trees (evergreen)

A couple other projects we did with evergreens in mind...
Theme shapes makes thing more "interesting" for some children...and definitely for the adults. We do understand that their work is important to them and so if are deciding to turn their painting into a shape-after the fact, please ask permission.  (That goes along with writing on their work.  Other options is to write on the back of their paper or on a seperate piece of paper and attach to their work.)  If they say they want to leave it "as is", respect that.  From an adult perspective...yes, their work isn't always "pretty" or "eye-catching" but it is the process that matters most.  Side note: as often as possible, let them cut out the shape.  Just draw the desired shape on the back of their art paper and they will see the lines just fine.
Since we were talking about the evergreens that are found around Ms. Amber's house, we use a small portion of the trees for painting tools.  Pine needles and etc make neat prints and designs.  If I were in a large classroom, I'd leave this tool out for a few days because they'd explore with it differently each time.  K., in the second picture, is snipping needles off of a small portion of a limb.  This was her idea that H. took to as well.  I hadn't planned it, but it worked out well.  If I HAD planned it I would have added a bit of glue to the paint so that the needles would stick better, but as it was, it did okay.  :-)

Shape Forest
We were going to use shaving cream/glue puffy paint but they decided they wanted glitter so we used a mixture of salt and glitter for "snow".  :-)  The bottom picture is my son's after he got home from school.  His own take on the project.  Didn't use the pre cut shapes at all, added mountains, river and other details. They don't have an art teacher at the elementary they go to and the classroom teachers do very little to none "true" art, especially by third grade.  :-(  So he often wants to do the project that my students have done that morning.  Wish I had time to do more in the afternoon/evening with them with art.  We usually get to it in the summer but not in the school year...just too much going on.

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