Thursday, June 2, 2011

Art and Preschoolers

So, I believe I've mentioned that I really would like to do more of an art component with my preschoolers.  I've also mentioned recently that I've found a site,, that I predict is going to be very helpful in this regard.  This summer I'll experiment with what works/doesn't work and maybe by fall I'll have a good idea of how it will work with my preschool students. 

This next Monday/Wednesday we'll start with Henri Matisse and then the following week we'll move to Georgia O'Keeffe.  Should be interesting! 

Henri Matisse

Georgia O'Keeffe

What do we really want preschoolers to get out of art?
1) We want them to have an appreciation for it.  Unless they are exposed to it (and so far in my children's K-2 classes, they haven't been in our school district) they can't gain an appreciation. 
2) To gain the knowledge that there are many forms of art.
3) To critique a piece of art.
4) And to explore with their own art creations.

What?  I said critique?  Yes.  What I mean is for children to look at a piece of work and ask/answer questions about it.  To notice the details and even form an opinion.  Here are some questions and comments that we can start with.
*  What kind of art is this?  (painting, sculpture, photograph, drawing, etc)
*  Tell me about what you see.
*  Tell me how it makes you feel.
*  Tell me how you think the artist was feeling when they made this piece of art.
*  Tell me about the shapes that are in the art work. 
*  Tell me about the lines that are in the art work.
*  Tell me about the colors that are in the art work.

If you have the ability to take your children to art museums and such, please do!

Check out books from the library that show works of art.  There are books that have many artists or books that focus on one.  As I come across good ones, I'll let you know!

The internet is an amazing source for you.  I do not have access to works of art and I know very little about it so this is going to be a learning experience for me too.  The other day I came across a biography about Henri Matisse.  Interesting!  I came across many pictures of his work.  I'm placing them on a CD for personal/educational use only.  It will be SO interesting to see the children's reactions, hear their comments and watch their explorations! One site-The Art Browser has many artist and their works.

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