Saturday, June 25, 2011


Decided that maybe I'll share some of the toys/manipulatives that we have around here.  :-)  We love Magnetix and so when they came out with the Magneatos (which great-grandma came across first) I really wanted some for our program.  Magneatos are really just a larger version of I can leaves these out on the free play shelf without any concerns. 
Magnetix              and              Magneatos

I find that both of these toys are a bit on the expensive side, so it did take me a bit to actually purchase the Magneatos, but glad I did!  They are holding up well.  The one downside is my toddler who loves balls and you throw balls, right?  OUCH! Those magnetic balls hurt!  So now we are encouraging him to roll balls in the house and throw balls outside of the house.

I store them in a dollar store plastic dish tub, at the moment, as I don't have a Sterilite tub for them...yet!  And then when I go to put them in storage, out in the garage, I place all the items in a 2 gal bag to keep them relatively clean.  Been working out alright. 

Would love to hear about things you or your children enjoy!

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