Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Henri Matisse: Paper Cut Outs

What a LOVELY morning.  Busy...but so fun!  Trent, my youngest went to Grammie's for the day and we had two students "from the past" join us for the day.  So the ages were: 2.5 months, three 5 year olds, 6, 7 and 8.  (The 8 was my own so not in my count.)  It was neat to do the art lesson with this crew! was my inspiration.  Thanks Carol!  We look forward to future posts-art journal and lessons alike!

So, we looked at again some of the works of Henri Matisse, focusing on the paper cut outs.  Though I did not use Carol's video I did take a component of the video to do with my group.  After flying through the Henri Matisse's slideshow, focusing on the paper cut outs, I gave each child a piece of manila paper and crayon with the instruction to take a minute to draw as many shapes as possible.  Then we talked about geometric shapes and organic shapes.
Then the children dispersed around the kitchen and livingroom to create their works of art.  I used our scrap paper (they were sorted by color into gallon size bags) and the children chose what they wanted and cut their shapes and placed them onto their papers. 
Then they used a qtip and liquid glue to adhere their shapes to the paper. 
I think the best thing about it was how much the enjoyed the whole process.  Aaron has already asked if he can do another using a large "canvas".  :-)  Here there are!

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