Friday, June 3, 2011

Plain ol' messy fun!

So, yesterday was our last day of preschool.  Today, I had one last day of a "full load" for the summer and we had planned a water day.  Unfortunately, the wind and the fact that we get really cold well water did not work in our favor.  So, we compromised.  You know those poor toads they had found?  Well, they found one of the four this morning and decided to make a home for it in the sandbox and did so with containers, logs, and water.  LOL  It was actually pretty neat to see the frog swimming and then swooossh down the side it would go.  Poor, unfortunate toad! 
And what do you know, I have a "partial crew" picture perfect for posting.  :-) 
(A couple children I do not post pics online of.)

I had to say "unfortunate toad" as Aaron shared a bit of something he learned on his field trip to the Bay City State Park.  They were told that the oils from human hands can cause a toad to die.  Oh my, I didn't know that.  So that will change our viewpoint toward playing with the toads from here on out! 

Happy Friday everyone!!! 
(Oh!  And I found relatively cheap paper for our Matisse work for Monday!  Stay tuned...")


  1. That looks like great fun! We kept a toad - maybe a frog? for quite a while & it didn't die - until we forgot to feed it...

  2. That's good news! I guess that the more you handle it the worse it is and unfortunately for these toads they are handled more often then not. So, we'll just back off for a bit! LOL