Sunday, June 26, 2011

Follow the Reader benefit to having a trailer at convention time is that I can plan a few extras for that couple of hours between breakfast and our first meeting of the day.  :-)  That helps our mornings go so much smoother!  Here's one item I found up in the closet today that will be going with us.  I had forgotten about it...if you can believe that! 
The first spread of pages is a welcome page where the children can say "hello" to each of the trains.  Can you guess why I like this spread of pages? Clue:  check the arrows.  Left to right.  Ah!  :-P  Let me reiterate that going from top to bottom (which is the arrow on every spread of pages) and left to right when reading and writing is not "natural".  Actually, the brain works the opposite.  So the more we can help the children become comfortable with the top to bottom and left to right progression the more successful they will be at reading and writing. 

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