Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Activity Mom: Sticky Sensory Table

The Activity Mom: Sticky Sensory Table: How to Make a Sticky Table: Cover a table or small area with contact paper, stick side up. Tape the sides down and explore with different ...
I can't make comments again, for whatever the reason so maybe I'll "repost" this with an activity idea I did a couple years back that was a hit.  Anyone know why I can't post comments on others or my own account?  The error reads that my account doesn't have access to that page.  Whatever that means.  It gives me the options to try a new account but I only have one.  So....hmmm. 

Fall Tree
I made a paper tree trunk for the wall and the tree top was actually the contact paper, sticky side out. Then I provided the foam leaves from Oriental Trading. They would stick them up on the tree but the best part was that the leaves would eventually fall down on their own! Just like nature. :-) So then they were back at it, waiting for the leaves to fall.

I'm also remembering a favorite time for myself. I had cut shape out of contact paper and taped them to the floor sticky side up for a group of toddlers. I didn't "introduce" the activity. Just let them figure out it was there on their own. How funny! They all reacted so differently to this sticky stuff!

We also sorted craft foam shapes onto the corresponding shape of contact paper.

Been awhile since I've done contact paper activities...will have to keep that in mind for the near future!

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