Friday, September 16, 2011

Sight Word Booklets

I find that repetition is the way to go, when learning sight words.  Really, how else are they going to learn?  They must be able to see and interact with them over and over.  Try just a few at a time and introduce an additional one as your child begins to learn the others.  Cute little comment K. made to me on Thursday when we created the L is for Llama project was "Ms. Amber, you need 'look'.  That was the main sight word I introduced this week.  That comment put a big smile on my face, and of course we added the word 'Look' to her paper!  :-)

This past week we did three little booklets to go along with our focus letter L and the sight words look, 1, 2, 3, and red, yellow, blue. 
The first day we read the book called Lizard's Home and did a few activities about lizards.  So K's booklet said:
Look, a red lizard.
Look, a yellow lizard.
Look, a blue lizard.
And the last page was a little info page about lizards.
We had already introduced red, yellow, and blue.  So the goal was to introduce her to the word 'look' as well as 'a' and then she colored each lizard and glued the corresponding color word into the sentence.

Day two, we did quite a bit with lions.  So her booklet read:
Look, one yellow lion.
Look, two yellow lions.
Look, three yellow lions.
And the last page was a little lion fact sheet.
This time she matched the number words and found the word yellow.  I also created it so that it was a male, female and cub lion by the time she got to the three lions.

And the third booklet was about leaves. 
Look, one red leaf.
Look, two yellow leaves.
Look, three blue leaves.
The last page was a fall leaf identification picture.
This day I had each of the words of the sentence cut apart and mixed together.  She arranged them on the tray by putting the word 'look' together, number words together, color words together and leaf/leaves words together.  Then she glued them to create a sentence. 

These little booklets I was able to create quickly in Print Shop.  I googled specific coloring sheets to get my black and white images. 

Came across a cute sight word activity last night that will fit in quite nicely to plans for next week.  Can't wait to share it with you and tell you how it goes! 

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