Wednesday, September 14, 2011

L is for...

L is for Leaf!
Today we enjoyed Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert.  During Journal Time, the children used paper leaves to create their own leaf character.  One child created a leaf lion and another created a leaf bird.  (The other children are really to young for "journal" so they just explore with the materials or are taking a nap at that time).

I frequently do a hands-on number chart with the children.  Doing these types of activities allow for reinforcement with number recognition, numerical order, concepts of first and last, odd/even, skip counting (for children ready for that), counting with meaning, 1:1 correspondence and whatever other basic concepts I am able to slip in...such as colors, like we did today. 

During group time we did a Mailbox activity from their Pumpkin/Leaves (preschool) theme "tub".  The children sorted whether the object started like leaf or ball.  Then for scissors today we did something similar on an individual basis.  I cut the leaf page in strips so it wouldn't be so overwhelming and they decided which pictures on that strip started with a /l/ sound and which did not.  They cut out the leaf that did and glued it onto the tree.   You could create something like this on your own very easily but I printed this activity from which is a sister site to  I find these sites have very easy to implement activities that are worthwhile to do.  It's one site I actually pay a membership to.  I haven't found another that is worth a membership fee yet.  Let know if you know of any great sites!  We are all busy and so why recreate the wheel if it's out there already?  :-) 
For art, we created marble painted leaves.  I'll share a finished product picture hopefully tomorrow as it's a two-day activity since we'll need to cut the leaves out once they are dry and then also find some sticks outside this afternoon to create it into a fall leaf mobile.  Stay tuned.  :-)  They love any type of marble painting.  Today they turned it into "popcorn" painting by bouncing the marbles up and down...thank goodness for high edges on the box!   Quite enjoyable to watch their excitement.  :-) 

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