Friday, September 23, 2011

F is for...

Here are a few end product pictures.

F is for feet!
Planned on putting a poem on the right side, that's why it's off center but I really couldn't find one that I liked that would fit in the space left and not look tacky so...if you all know of any great poems that would go along with a project like this...please let me know!  K. Sponge painted the white cardstock to make it look like sand.  Idea came from  It's the site where  I got most of my monthly handprint project ideas last year, where I put the child's picture on one side and we printed the handprint on the other.

F is for frog!
Which really ended up being a "toad"...which we have a few around here each summer in our sand box.  This idea was initially from The Mailbox preschool publication but I was reminded of it from Stacy at Share & Remember,  Thanks Stacy! 

F is for Fold.
Ha!  Today is "Free Friday" where we finish up projects (I only have two children here besides my own on a regular basis on Friday), switch toys, do the things we didn't get to, etc.  I don't plan any new activities.  I have a habit of doing towels last and then leave them in the dryer until I do the next round of laundry.  Well, I emptied the towels from the dryer onto my bed and did my round of laundry for that day ending with towels.  We never got to the towels on the bed so I ended up putting them back into the dryer with the other load.  So I said to K. today, since she was really just following me around instead of playing, if she wanted to help me fold some towels, since F is for fold.  She got all excited and said "Yes!  I know how to fold towels!"  So she came with me and I grab the first armful to take it to the couch.  She walked in behind me and put her hands on her head and made a big exclamation when she saw how many towels there were!  My husband and I enjoyed that one!  She sure does know how to fold though! 

Last week we did mixing color pages throughout the week.  So we did L is for Lizard, L is for Lion, L is for Lollipop.  Here's the simple book (love my new binding machine!  Been keeping work here just so I can bind them in a book to send home!)
Front Cover:  They colored the paint brush their favorite color and cut the paint palette out if they were able.

2nd page:  the song we sing

3rd-6th pages are the two colors and the mixed color on the L picture we were focused on that day.  When we do activities like this I always allow for free exploration with the paints when they are completed with the task I asked them to do. 

 Have a good weekend!  Next week we move to the letter E.

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