Thursday, September 29, 2011

E is for...

E is for Elmer the Elephant

Here's our Elmer's Day Parade.  Unfortunately, we are missing a couple here.  One child wanted to take his home and another was absent today so won't get it done until tomorrow.  But they did turn out cute.  We used oil pastels and tempera cakes.  I think I like oil pastels for toddler better than crayons!  Definitely kept his interest longer since they were easier to work with and bolder in color with just gentle markings.  Not sure what the expense would be though, to use them all the time with toddlers!  The Elmer's pattern can be found at

 Paper Plate Elephant
This is the two year old's end result.  Cute!  :-)  It was definitely a process thing.  He ended up with the mixing plates painted on both sides.  Side note:  I let them mix their own white and black to make gray so each are a different shade of gray.    I had planned this to be our main scissors activity but when I printed the pattern it was for a small plate vs. a big plate and younger than school-age children would not be very successful in cutting out the pieces.   FYI...I did not help T. put the pieces on other then gluing in the appropriate spots and handing them to him.  Note his ears are on either side of the head.  I give credit to "mat man".  Typically a two year old would put them on randomly.  Oh, speaking about mat child put a small curve on the blue rectangle body and told me that he was putting intestines there.  LOL

ABC Twiggles
Parents:  These have not been going home, as I'm sure you noticed, as I'll bind them together as a book when we get through the alphabet.

E is for Elmo
Working at the easel, we had read the book Elmo and Dorthy: Friends Forever.  This was one of the pieces of work.  Book Journal comment:  4 year old drew a picture of herself and brother and dictated to me "Friends Forever."  She included a little more but that was so sweet!   

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