Tuesday, September 13, 2011

L is for...

L is for Lion!

How's that for a front cover?  :-)  No words.  The back cover is a the picture of the mouse. 
This book we "read" today was a picture book based on the fable "The Lion and the Mouse".  The illustrator of this book is Jerry Pinkney.  This is definitely a picture book with the only words on the pages would be the onomatopoeia (screeech, whoo, roar, etc).  They children did very well and telling their own story.  For our journal I put "First, ________.  Then, ______________." Interesting what they put down as "first".  Both children drew versions of a lion and a mouse.

I find that the "magnet pages" available make great play dough mats.  This week it's our "fine motor" activity and we are working with the play dough every day.  Last year we did play dough about once a week.  This year, I'm not sure how it's going to pan out.  I think I'll put some space between the days so that they stay interested.  Anyway, typically what I do is have a task and then allow for free exploration.  I laminated the L is for Lion Magnet sheet found at http://www.makinglearningfun.com/themepages/magnetpageprintables.html and encouraged them to create small ball of playdough to place into the circles on the lion and letter L. 
We also created a pattern lion.  We combined scissors and math today because our time seems to be "too short".  Mainly, that is happening because we can't really start until baby is asleep or else Ms. Amber is up and down and up and down dealing with the baby.  So, for the next few days I'm going to try combining some of the daily skill practice until baby gets on a consistent sleep schedule.  I also have opened up sensory play for during free play as they like to play with that longer and that allows for that.  Just playing it all by ear.  Love the flexible children I have here!  We'll get a good schedule figured out here in the next week or so I'm sure.
Younger "4" did an ABAB pattern and the older 4 did an AABAAB on her own.  :-)

Off to gather materials for tomorrow!

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