Monday, September 26, 2011

E is for....

Do you ever have mornings where time flies?  Most of my mornings do but today especially so.  I looked at the clock and saw it was 20 minutes to 11 and I about had a heart attack!  :-D  Until I saw we were almost done.  Actually, we finished at 11:01 AM.  We're getting this timing thing down without having to that's good!   We try to be done with our center rotation by 11A so that we get cleaned up, lunch prepared and eaten and cleaned up again to go outside.  Not a big deal today since it's pouring out but boy oh boy...time flew!

E is for egg!
Of course, Humpty Dumpty must be included.  So we did a little dice/drawing game from  A lot of laughs with this little game!  I like dice games because learning how the dots are formed to symbolize each number, instead of counting each dot individual every time we roll the dice, is a good skill to learn. 

We must always hammer eggshells or the children wouldn't forgive me.  :-)  Well, that might be an exaggeration but hammering eggshells is always a favorite.  So I dyed some eggshells (rubbing alcohol and food coloring) and dyed my hands in the process when the bag had a leak, oops!  :-) And I provided a small wooden hammer.  They also cut out a cardstock egg shape, cutting across the center for a "crack" and then glued the eggshells on top.  

We did a short e and long ee word sort.  Each picture was placed into a plastic egg.  Note that I put the eggs inside of an egg carton.  This allows for review or introduction to the term "dozen".   Not sure if you can find these egg cartons anymore...the ones I have are really old but what I like about them is that it allows for practice in counting from left to right and top to bottom.  A regular egg carton does the same but with only two rows.  I also created color pairs to reinforce the term "pair" and "couple".  And since we read Eggs and Legs: Counting by Twos by Michel Dahl I also incorporated the skip counting concept with this activity.  Side note:  One journal page today read "Look, 6 eggs and 12 legs" and "maybe little falcons" were coming out of the eggs.  Cool beans!  I was expecting something like "chicks".  :-P 

We made sets of 12 by placing one item in each space (1:1) in the egg carton.  I was sure to have more than 12 manipulatives in each cup.  I also was watching for left to right movement while placing the items in as well as they were counting.  I was also listening to how they were counting.

I've found some very nice printables at recently.   After watching ABC Twiggles E-What's in the egg? online story, we talked about what other things come from an eggs.  Here is one of the printables I used from the above site, titled Animals That Hatch From Eggs.  The original is a full sheet for each picture.  I printed 4 to a sheet and cut around them to display.

 Tree?  What does that have to do with eggs?   They definitely don't hatch for eggs.  Ha!  Well, I'm trying to incorporate the season and slowly but surely our leaves are starting to change.  So when I came across a recent blog from Teach Preschool I knew it would fit right into our day because they used bottom of egg cartons for the leaves.  We made one big tree, they made individual trees.  I showed the trunk because I wanted to just mention that this activity could be used as a letter T formation activity if you desired.  That wasn't our focus today so we didn't but we did incorporate vocabulary, texture, shades, culture, skin color names, vertical and horizontal lines.  Turned out pretty cute!  Here's her site with the original idea...I do recommend the cardboard egg cartons vs. the foam.

Have a lovely week!

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